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Mother’s Day Coupon!

Mother's Day Coupon!

Did you check your email for the latest coupon code? Well, here it is if you missed it! To redeem, type ILOVEMOM into the coupon section on the “Buy Bids” tab. (Clicking the code on the picture will take you to our site. Log in, click the “Buy Bids” tab, and type in the code!) BID ON!

How Do I… ?

Hello Dibzers!


We’ve had a lot of questions regarding changing passwords and emails. Of course, if you’re locked out of your account because you misplaced your password, our excellent Support team can help you with that 🙂 However, if you just want to change your password or email here’s how:


Make sure you log into your account. Click the “My Account” button on the very top bar (It’s right in between your avatar and “My Bids”). From there, you can either:

Click “My Information”: This will take you directly to a page where you can “edit” your email if you’d like.


Click “Change Password” which will take you directly to a page where you can “update” your password.


Please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team if you have any questions about the accessibility of our site, or any other general questions.


May the bids be with you!

Amazon Swap!

Our Amazon Swap feature has officially made it’s return! 

When we launched Dibzees 3.0 beta, we weren’t able to include all of the features we had on the old site, incuding our Amazon Swap. We know how much our customers love this feature and were working tirelessly to get it back. We have been able to include it once again on our site, fortunately! 

Take advantage of our Amazon Swap, where you can swap any gift card that you purchase with an Amazon gift card instead!


Happy bidding 🙂



A Quicker Way To Navigate!


Hello Dibzers!

Look at the very top of your page… At the top bar right above our awesome logo. You’ll see our Twitter and Facebook icons (hint hint), My Account, My Bids, the Connection Status Icon… Wait! Go back! My Account? When did that get there?! Click it!

Have you guys noticed the “My Account” drop down on the top bar? This will take you where you want to go WAY QUICKER! We provided the direct links to everything under the “My Account” tab to eliminate multiple clicks! No more wasting time trying to find your bidding history or how to change your password… It’s all here!

Go check it out.. We made it JUST FOR YOU!

If you have anymore suggestions on what else you’d like to see up there, please let us know! We want to make our site as efficient for YOU as possible.

Have a great day and stay bidding my friends.

Connection Status Icon

When you log into your Dibzees account today, you may notice a new, small icon on the bar at the top of your screen. This icon will look like bars in either a green, yellow or red color.
This new icon will help users monitor their internet connection while bidding on Dibzees.

A green Connection Icon= Good Connection
A yellow Connection Icon= Fair Connection
A red Connection Icon= Bad Connection

Stay in the green!

connection status bar

Bid For Me on Dibzees 3

Hello friends! Those of you who have used our NEW Bid For Me feature… how do you like it?

For those of you who haven’t utilized it yet, here’s what’s different:

Bid For Me allows you to enter a specific amount of bids for Dibzees to place for you on a particular auction. These bids will fire, at random, in the last ten seconds of the auction.

On our old site, users who wanted to set their Bid For Me had to enter not only the number of bids (which was confused with bids price), but also the amount at which users wanted it to start firing. CONFUSING!

Now on 3.0, to activate users must enter the amount of bids they would like to use and click the “Turn On” button. There is also an option to place all of the bids in your account in your Bid For Me. To place all of your bids in your Bid For Me, click the “All Bids” button and then the “Turn On” button.

To turn off your Bid For Me, click the “Turn Off” button.


We love the Bid For Me upgrade and we hope you do as well! We were hoping to make out Bid For Me feature easier and more efficient for all of our users… we hope we’ve accomplished that!

Happy bidding!

Win Limits on Dibzees 3.0

Hello all!

We have NEW win limits on Dibzees 3.0! They are as follows:

You can only win 20 auctions per 28- day rolling period.
You can only win 1 auction over $500 per 28- day rolling period.
You can only win 2 auctions over $200 per 28- day rolling period.
You can only win 5 auctions per 24- hour period.

If you are the highest bidder on an auction, you are considered the winner of that auction until another user becomes the highest bidder.

If you have any questions, please contact

Happy Bidding!